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Unique Construction is the only team dedicated to making sure that your Knoxville deck is done the way you want it to. We specialize on outdoor living solutions and we offer complete deck design. Whether you want your deck built small or large, our diverse and talented professionals have the skills to make sure we deliver. Don’t hesitate on calling us or send us an email for any questions that you would have for building your deck.

We look forward with working with you in building your new deck



So why get a deck? Well, a deck is a valuable extra space that you have for entertainment. A Knoxville deck is a great space to have family dinners or if you want to have friends around during warmer months. Having a deck also gives you the opportunity to make good use of your yard. If your yard is on a hill, having a deck can make your yard look as beautiful as it can be. You can also build multiple story decks to fully benefit on your Knoxville real estate.


There are various options to adding living space to your Knoxville home and yard, but none of them are as cost effective as building a deck. So have professional Knoxville deck builders help you in getting your customized deck.


Adding a deck to a home that doesn’t have one increases the home value when it’s time to sell. But more than that, it makes the home more enjoyable while you live there.